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American Civil War is famous for being the first fully photographically documented armed conflict of History, but this event was, and is still represented, through the eyes of artists and painters that during the past century and half have interpreted, sometimes in particular, the main events that have marked the conflict.
This page is a collection of paintings to show how over time artists, American or not, contemporary or subsequent to the war have created works of art inspired by the characters, places and events that have marked and continue to mark generations of men and studiouses.

Niccolò Ferrari

Confederate Officer, 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment 1863, Mark Churms.
Confederate soldier\'s homecoming.
Css Fredericksburg at Trent\'s Reach, Tom Freeman.
Css Naschville burning the ship Harvey Birch, David MacFarlane (1840-1866)
Death of General Sedgwick, Julian Scott (1846-1901)
Defiance Inviting a Shot Before Petersburg, Winslow Homer (1836-1910)
Emblems of the Civil War, Alexander Pope (1849-1924)
Farragut Passing the Forts Below New Orleans, Xanthus Russell Smith (1839-1929)
Fog of war, Newell Convers Wyeth (1882-1945)
Forrest\'s Terrible Swift Sword, Duillio John (1927)
Furling The Flag, Richard Norris Brooke (1847-1920),
General Gordon at Gettysburg, Don Troiani.
General James Longstreet, Lindeaux Robert (1871-1970)
General Robert E. Lee, Elder Jhon Adams (1833-1895)
General Robert E. Lee at the-battle of Fredericksburg, Ogden Henry (1856-1936)
General Thomas Stonewall Jackson Winchester Battle, Louis Mathieu Didier Guillaume   (1816-1892)
Heading North, Roberts Gary Lynn (1953)
Holding line at all  hazards, Gilbert Gaul (1855-1919)
Home on a furlough, Sartain John (1808-1897)
Hooker at Lookout Mountain, James Walker (1832-1901)
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