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American Civil War is famous for being the first fully photographically documented armed conflict of History, but this event was, and is still represented, through the eyes of artists and painters that during the past century and half have interpreted, sometimes in particular, the main events that have marked the conflict.
This page is a collection of paintings to show how over time artists, American or not, contemporary or subsequent to the war have created works of art inspired by the characters, places and events that have marked and continue to mark generations of men and studiouses.

Niccolò Ferrari

The Battle of the crater 1864, Elder John Adams (1833-1895)
The battle of the Kearsarge and Alabama, Edouard Manet (1832-1883)
The consecration, Lambdin George Cochran (1830-1896)
The fifth Minnesota regiment at Corinth, Edwin H. Blashfield (1848-1936)
The Flag of Sumter Oct. 20 1863, Conrad Wise Chapman (1842-1910)
The ironclads slugging it out at Hampton Roads, Julian Olivier Davidson (1853-1894)
The last meeting of-Lee and Jackson 1864 , Everett Julio (1843-1879)
The Mississippi in time of war, Palmer Fanny Flora (1812-1876)
Those days in old Virginia, Taylor Wlliam Ladd (1854.1926)
Union Fleet Passing Vicksburg, Tom Lovell (1909-1997)
Union Soldiers Find Dummy Defenders And Wooden Cannon, Julian Scott (1849-1901)
View of urbanna on-the Rappahannock  river Virginia, Thompson Alfred Wordseorth (1840-1896)
White house strategy Lee Jackson and Davis, Mort Kunstler (1931)
Winter quarters in Virginia army of the Potomac, Lambdin George Cochran (1830-1896)
Wounded civil war soldier, Redwood Allen Christian (1844-1922)
Zouaves at camp, Ehninger John Whetten (1827-1889)
lee at the wilderness henry arthur mcardle 18361908
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